Most Attractive Pet Beds

AptGuide March 22, 2012 1

With so many advancements in sleep technology, such as memory foam mattresses, adjustable beds, customizable sleep numbers and ultra chic designs, it’s a wonder we don’t spend our whole lives snoozing. But why should we enjoy the wonders of a great bed alone? Nowadays, even pets can experience a great night (or day) of rest in beds that are both cool and stylish. Read on to find our picks for the most attractive pet beds.

The Kitty Ball Cat Bed by The Refined Feline allows your furry friend to relax in style. Every cat owner knows that cats love to perch, so this bed gives your pet the ability to have tons of fun off the ground, in a comfortable bed that’s easy to get into. And the best part is that its stylish, chic design won’t become an eyesore in your living room. Available in a durable, non toxic poly rattan in both white and espresso models, as well as a model made of beautiful spun bamboo, this bed includes a tufted, machine washable cushion for your cat to recline in comfort.

Perfect for multiple pooches, or if you just have a really large dog, the Wicked Good Pet Cuddler by L.L. Bean is available in four sizes, offering extra support and security for your favorite pup. This cozy, comfortable pet bed is covered in plush fleece and surrounded by a bolster to ramp up the cuddle factor, resulting in a bed so comfy, you’ll wish they had one in your size. Choose from stylish colors like Brown, Caramel, Sage and Slate Blue.

The Hepper Pod Pet Bed provides the security of cave living with a modern aesthetic that you’ll be proud to show off in your home. Perfect for cats and small dogs who love to curl up and snooze, hide or perch, the fleece-lined reversible, removable interior pad is washable and rests upon a raised lookout platform, and its durable steel frame breaks down for easy storage.

If you’re seeking a pet bed that will blend seamlessly into your interior décor, try out the Cat Washroom-Night Stand & Pet House from Merry Products. Featuring a classic white wooden cabinet design, wainscoting paneling details and stainless steel hardware, this attractive piece serves as both an attractive cover to disguise the litter box and keep messes inside while also providing a discrete sleeping area for pets. What’s more, you can also use this multifunctional unit as a night stand or a coffee table, making this pet bed one of the best values out there.

Anyone who has ever enjoyed the wonders of a therapeutic mattress knows what an amazing night’s sleep it can provide. Now, you can share that wonderful experience with your canine with the SnooZZy Ortho Air Inflatable Dog Bed from Precision Pet. The deluxe two-way air valve prevents leaks and the convenient pump allows you to set up and deflate this bed in a flash. The removable, machine washable cozy fleece cover makes cleaning super easy, and individual air coil chambers provides firm yet flexible support for dogs of all sizes and ages.

Is that a sculpture from your favorite contemporary artist? No, it’s the modern and elegant Kittypod Couchette from Elizabeth Paige Smith. Made of corrugated cardboard, this sleek piece of pet furniture is perfect for prima donna felines who don’t like to drape themselves over just any piece of furniture. The unique design will stand out among your interior décor, serving as a great conversation piece at your next get together.

For the dog that will only sleep in the best, most lavish pet bed, check out the super deluxe, hand crafted, custom made luxury doggie beds from Jakey BB. These beds are all about the details, from the hand painted signature border along the edge of the bed to the elaborate, decorative molding, to the plushly upholstered cushions that provide your pooch the utmost in comfort. Since everything is handmade and hand decorated, no two beds will be exactly alike, so you (and your pup) can rest easy knowing that this bed is one of the most unique on the block.

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  • Bridget Parker

    As my beloved “puppy” is in her 13th year, I have noticed that she sleeps much better by having a “memory foam” type topper on her normal bed.  So, not only do my joints benefit from special mattresses, my pretty girl’s joints do too!