Getting Started with Pinterest For Newbies

SocialPetwrk May 5, 2012 1

Animal loving, home decorating and baking fanatics have discovered the social media network, Pinterest.  If you have yet to gravitate to this virtual pinboard, I’m going to give you some key tips on how to get started.

What is Pinterest? Pinterest’s About Us page describes it as: a virtual pinboard — a place where you can create collections of things you love and “follow” collections created by people with great taste. People use Pinterest to collect and share all sorts of things — wedding inspiration, favorite T-shirts, DJ equipment. You name it, people are pinning it.

The first thing to do is visit and request an invitation. You should receive one within 24 hours. Set up an account and create a profile, which includes a display name, photo and short biography.

Next you’ll want to set-up your boards. This is how you organize your ‘pins’ into categories. Some examples of my personal boards include “For the Home”, “My Style”, “Foodie Fun” and yes, of course, “Furry Love”. Simply hit the ‘edit’ button to name your boards. You can add or delete boards at any time.

There are two ways to add ‘pins’ to your boards. The first way is by clicking on the top Pinterest logo, which will show your follower feed, similar to Facebook or Twitter (you can find your friends on Pinterest from either one of these accounts; when you see someone you’d like to follow, click the ‘follow’ button). On the feed page, you’ll see what others are pinning. If you hover over a picture, you’ll get three options. Repin, Like or Comment. Click ‘Repin’ and a separate box will pop up, allowing you to choose which board to pin to from a pop-down menu. You can update the box description and click, ‘pin it’. All done! **Notes: The ‘Like’ is a great option if you do not want the item to show up in your feed but you’d still want to view it later. To find your ‘likes’ go to your profile page. You can also find specific feeds when on the main feed page by hovering over ‘Everything’ which drops down a box with specific categories. Be sure to check out the Pets option.

The other way to ‘pin’ is when you perusing are other websites. You’ll need to install the ‘Pin This’ bookmark (instructions here) first on your browser. Then, as you’re looking at other sites and you see something that you’d love to add to a board, you’ll click on your ‘Pin This’ button. A page will appear that give you various images to ‘pin this’. Once you decide what image to use and you hit ‘Pin This’ that same box will appear that allow you to choose your board.

Pinterest is great for finding new ideas and also sharing your ideas, talents and expertise with others. Now get pinning!

Ps: You can now follow & pin BarkWorld speakers & news on their Pinterest board and great pet DIY ideas..

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  • Bethany

    Thank you for posting this! I love Pinterest, and this post really helps. :)